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Addressing the most current and pressing subjects through our CPD-certified seminars.

2021 Live Speakers

‘Collaborative Placemaking’

Charles Campion RIBA AoU, Partner, JTP

The importance of genuine community participation in designing new places and breathing life into existing ones is being increasingly recognised, not least in emerging government policy and guidance.  Charles Campion, from award winning architects and placemakers JTP, will explain JTP’s unique collaborative placemaking approach and run through the history of co-design “Charrette” processes, and present illustrated case studies covering whole town renaissance, town centre visioning and new neighbourhood and settlement design, including Garden Villages.  The approach and a number of the case studies are set out in his recently published book “20/20 visions: Collaborative Planning & Placemaking” (RIBA Publishing)

‘A Platform Construction Approach for sustainable infrastructure delivery’

Trudi Sully, Impact Director, Construction Innovation Hub

The Construction Innovation Hub is developing a platform construction system, supported by a Platform Rulebook to address the needs of a £35bn, 5 year pipeline of social infrastructure demand. The objectives of the Hub target reductions in cost, delivery time, waste and emissions while increasing value, quality and safety.

This presentation will outline the progress of the programme and reflect on the challenges and barriers to overcome on its route to realising benefit and impact for industry, government and end users.

‘The Power of Purpose’

Georgia Elliott-Smith, Managing Director, Element Four

It is 30 years since 154 nations adopted the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change at the Rio Convention, committing to reduce emissions and prevent climate change.

Yet GHG emissions have rocketed and, based on current policies, we are destined for a 3oC global temperature rise. This, despite the efforts of thousands of dedicated, intelligent and courageous environmental professionals.

An environmental engineer and sustainability consultant for 25 years, and an Extinction Rebellion activist for two, Georgia will present a radical new approach to corporate sustainability: purpose. She will discuss why previous attempts to reduce environmental impacts have largely failed and why activating purpose is the only way to successfully implement deep, lasting and self-sustaining positive change.

‘Passion for Passivhaus?’

Mike Webb, Managing Director & Certified Passivhaus Consultant, Seaton Beach Developments Ltd

With the robust targets for carbon emission set for 2050 we have to take action NOW for our building sector that produces 40% of our emissions.

A “fabric first’ Passivhaus methodology as devised by the Germans over 30 years ago will achieve this. Internationally recognised, this tried & tested process provides low energy homes with high comfort levels. Passivhaus also prevents overheating, which is an issue that our building stock will soon find to be of high importance with ever increasing global warming.

With primary energy demand being reduced we can then meet this with renewables to provide true zero carbon building stock.

A simplistic presentation to unravel the hype & acronym’s that surround our sector.

‘Unlocking’ the Floodplain for Development

Richard Coutts FRIBA, Founder & Team Principal, Baca Architects

Over the last decade Baca Architects has been involved in enabling, designing, and building with flood risk.  This journey has met many obstacles and the practice’s co-founder, Richard Coutts, Fellow of the RIBA, will discuss how many of these have been overcome to deliver some of the UK’s first flood resilient developments.

Richard’s Seminar will provide an overview of national planning policy, statutory guidance, building regulations and community consultation.

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